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YES! Youth Energy Day

Are you a final-year student in university, a recent graduate or an early career professional?

Join us for a high-impact day of learning and recruitment opportunity at the YES! Youth Energy Day, alongside the global "World Youth Day" celebration on 10 November. 

The event takes place virtually on our Beyond Privilege platform and in person, by invitation only, across 4 vibrant African cities: Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town, and Cairo.

If you're a final-year student in university, a recent graduate and an early career professional looking to enter the energy sector, this is your chance to gain practical insights and connect with our aef partners currently offering graduate and early-career recruitment opportunities.

For our aef partners, this is an opportunity to showcase their recruitment opportunities in Africa and engage with talented and enthusiastic youth eager to kickstart their careers in energy development.

In each in-person location, we invite 100 participants, including students and hiring companies, to share knowledge, seek guidance on application processes, and network with potential employers.

Simultaneously, we'll livestream all sessions on Beyond Privilege, making it accessible to thousands of young talents from all over Africa. Online participants can actively join and contribute to the discussions, receive real-time company advice, and connect with fellow graduates.

Register for Youth Energy Day

* Only invited attendees will be allowed to access the venues on the day


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  • The youth remain the most unique demographic in our world; we are not just beneficiaries of development, we are also drivers of development. So to all stakeholders, when engaging the youth don't just think of helping them, help them to help you achieve progress.
    Lucy Mutuku
    CEO, National Youth Caucus, Kenya
  • Recruiting young talent has injected fresh ideas and passion into our organization. Their innovative thinking and commitment to sustainability align perfectly with our mission. They are the driving force behind our continued success in providing rural communities with clean, affordable energy solutions.
    Husk Power Solutions
  • Young people are the driving force behind innovation and change. Their passion, creativity, and commitment to a greener future make them invaluable to the mission of Green Energy Mission Africa. By empowering young Nigerians, we can ensure a sustainable and inclusive energy transition.
    Green Energy Mission Africa
  • We believe that investing in talent is key to driving the necessary transformation for the public and private sector. By equipping young professionals with the skills and experience needed for careers in climate and clean energy, we seek to enable the development of a more sustainable and equitable future.
    Shortlist Futures
  • Engie Energy Access values a diverse workforce and recognizes the importance of young talent and believe in their power to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Through our recruitment initiatives, we have witnessed firsthand the remarkable contributions of young professionals to our team. Their enthusiasm has been instrumental in driving positive change and fueling our success in delivering clean, affordable energy solutions across Africa.
    ENGIE Energy Access
  • Wärtsilä offers students various opportunities to work as a trainee or to do their internship at one of Wärtsilä's locations in more than 70 countries. You can advance your career with Wärtsilä before you graduate by participating in the internship programme or completing your thesis. You will be around the most recent technology. The experience will help you to link your academic studies with your future career goals.
    Wärtsilä Nigeria
  • Our recruitment team has exhibited an unwavering commitment to attracting and selecting top-tier talent. Our strategic sourcing, screening, and onboarding approach has profoundly impacted our workforce and our company's success. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion within our recruitment strategies particularly stands out. It reflects the diverse world in which we operate, emphasizing diversity and fostering an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, and a richer exchange of ideas.
    Synergetic Development Group
  • Young talent is crucial to the IPP offices success as they bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a strong drive to create a positive impact. Their energy, enthusiasm and willingness to take risks contribute to the growth and success of the IPP Office whilst providing us with the opportunity to develop the future leaders of the IPP Office and within the energy sector at large.
    IPP Office - Independent Power Producer Office
  • As a pan-African institution, we are constantly seeking to contribute towards development across the African continent; not only through the impactful products and services we offer but by ensuring that we provide opportunities to young and skilled individuals to be a part of such a unique organization and avenues for growth – within or beyond ATIDI! By doing so, not only do we have life-long ATIDI ambassadors that will continue to showcase their unique skill-sets sharpened within the organization, we also make a positive contribution towards addressing knowledge gaps that should allow for more effective, and efficient financing flows into and across the African continent.
    ATIDI - African Trade & Investment Development Insurance
  • Supporting this event is particularly important, as it seeks to bridge the gap between the role of the youth and ensuring universal access to clean electricity, integral to climate resilience. At SEforAll, Youth inclusion, development and empowerment are put at the forefront, thus partnering with EnergyNet Limited is a natural fit. Looking forward to this exciting event!





For Aspiring Energy Leaders

Career Insights: Whether you're a final-year student in university, a recent grad, or an early-career pro, YES! Youth Energy Day provides essential career tips and industry knowledge for kick-starting your energy sector journey.

Networking & Exchange: Connect with leading energy companies hiring graduates and early-career professionals. Explore career possibilities and engage with potential employers.

Inclusivity & Live Q&A: Attend online via Beyond Privilege. Contribute to discussions, receive real-time advice, and connect with companies and peers from across Africa.


For aef Partners

Showcase Opportunities: Highlight your Africa graduate and recruitment opportunities. Connect with skilled, passionate youth across the continent ready to launch careers in energy.

Talent Acquisition: Access a pool of driven, prepared candidates aligned with your company's goals/objectives.

Thought Leadership: Join a community of forward-thinking companies shaping the energy sector's future. Share expertise and guidance and drive industry development.



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