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The YES! Walk With Me Program

Join us in the YES! Walk with Me Program, where you can read and explore the inspiring stories of YES! grant beneficiaries and other members who have made remarkable strides in their professional development within the energy sector. We are thrilled to highlight the incredible accomplishments of our YES! community members: 


Granny Lesiamang

Managing Director

Clauseph BioFuels


I made a lot of connections and built a robust network from attending the YES in Kenya. This translated into me being invited to speak on various platforms, and being recommended for opportunities by the people I met there. More importantly I was very motivated to work harder, to be more visible and be more driven just from seeing a lot of young people who were platformed as speakers and the incredible achievements they already had. Since April 2023, we have reached 450 more customers, and been in 7 more communities, which is 4X more customers than we had prior to YES. I was and am still motivated to do more, have a wider reach and impact, and perform equal to or greater than the young people I encountered at the YES 2023.
Rebecca Lewka

Rebecca Lekwa

Assistant Project Manager, Global Cleantech Innovation Program (GCIP)


Aspiring to shape energy policy and drive sustainable change, I currently serve as the Assistant Project Manager in the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme, funded by GEF and implemented by UNIDO. I am driven by a profound vision: to illuminate Africa without compromising our environment. My goals include contributing to energy policy-making, ensuring clean, affordable, and reliable electricity for every African home. YES! has been a transformative catalyst in my journey. Surrounded by like-minded young individuals, I found the community I craved. This platform granted me invaluable insights into the energy sectors of diverse African countries, fostering a cross-cultural exchange of ideas

Arnold Ojenda

Assistant IT Technician

Western Sees Company


I inspire to cultivate a multifaceted career at the intersection of technology and social impact. With a solid foundation in IT, data management, and design, I envisions contributing to innovative projects in system administration, web development, and graphic design. YES! empowers me to navigate the evolving energy sector, fill skill gaps, and build relationships with global innovators. It's a pivotal resource in my pursuit of a dynamic career.  Through the Beyond Privilege global network, I access industry insights, engage in workshops, explore job opportunities, and connect with a vibrant community of peers, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Thuso Kuali

Project and Export Finance - Energy and Infrastructure, Standard Bank Group

South Africa

YES helped me by introducing me to people in the energy space. In 2022, I went to the Africa Energy Forum, at a time where I was not working in the energy space, but was looking to transition. I eventually ended up in the Project Finance Team at the Standard Bank of South Africa, where I predominantly work in the funding of wind and solar transactions. YES has also given me responsibilities, such as speaking at events and helping strengthen a relationship between YES and Standard Bank. Moreover, Simon (YES founder) has kept in touch and has been willing to assist me with various inputs on an ad-hoc basis.

Carene Djomna


University of Zambia / University of Buea

Zambia / Cameroon

My goal is to provide clean and reliable source of energy to Cameroonian citizens. I would like to be an independent Power Producer in my country, am work in the integration of renewable energy sources into the Electrical Grid.  At YES, I was amazed to see young people like me engaging in the energy sector, where many youth were engaged to develop start-ups. YES was a stepping stone in my entrepreneurial career. After attending it, I took an entrepreneurship course at my University in Cameroon and an on online leadership course. In the nearest future, I would like to gain more experience in Power System domain. My goal is to work hard towards net zero carbon.
Faith Aweko

Faith Aweko

Founder / CEO

Reform Africa


My career goals are deeply rooted in environmental sustainability and community empowerment. I aspire to lead Reform Africa towards becoming a global force in combating plastic pollution, fostering sustainable practices, and creating economic opportunities in underserved communities. My vision extends beyond entrepreneurial success; it encompasses driving systemic change by influencing policies, engaging in global conversations on environmental issues, and inspiring a new generation of changemakers. YES! has been a transformative platform, connecting me with prolific business developers, advisors, and financiers. The interactive sessions on leadership skills, business development, and education-employment alignment have enriched my entrepreneurial journey.

Suzana Munuo


Gilsun Technologies 



The YES summit provided me with networking opportunities with like-minded people in the renewable energy industry. I was able to accelerate my startup's growth by gaining invaluable insights through it. In the end, YES! has helped drive Gilsun Technologies toward greater success in the renewable energy and environmental conservation, by helping us to grow and overcome the hurdles of entrepreneurship. My goal is to use Gilsun Technologies to encourage environmental conservation and renewable energy development. As a professional, I want to promote environmental stewardship and pioneer new renewable energies that help with sustainable energy solutions
Joseph Obbo

Joseph Obbo


Strathmore University


I am currently working on my PhD paper, focusing on the role of clean energy in reducing inequality in mechanized farming. I am also starting a business that uses green energy to fill the gap in energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa. I am planning by 2025 to have raised at least USD 10m to boost the business first in the greater east African region before moving to central Africa. YES is a great platform, which has brought me to different players in the energy sector whom I have been interacting with and learning from. It has provided me with a platform where I can continue to reach out to different investors and energy developers easily. I am using the platform to share my businesses and getting very good reviews.
David Abu

David Abu

Entrepreneur / Founder



As part of the Africa Youth Caucus, I aspire to drive youth inclusivity through economic empowerment and foster the message of sustainable energy in my country Nigeria.
I believe that it is the way to ensure that the future of the planet is safe. YES! was the inspiration I needed to take being an energy advocate to the next level.
After meeting with other youths and the top energy sector executives, I was opened to the opportunities and tasks ahead that needed to be filled
YES will forever be part of my advocacy role in sustainable energy journey.

Daniel Tate

DPhil (PhD)  International Relations & Rhodes Scholar,

University of Oxford

South Africa

The YES! community has been immensely valuable to me, connecting me with other youth across the continent who are passionate about Africa's development and its energy sector. Attending the YES! 2023 in Nairobi was an empowering experience, with fascinating panels and meaningful conversations.  Additionally, I was a panelist at the Youth Energy Day 2023, which was an incredible event bringing together livestreams from four different locations around the continent. After my studies, I hope to return back to South Africa to serve in the civil service, ideally in the South African Presidency or the Department of International Relations and Cooperation.

Joyce Montet

Evaluation & Climate Change

National Youth Caucus


YES! has provided a valuable platform for collaboration and learning, enhancing my understanding of environmental issues. Engaging with like-minded individuals, I've gained insights into diverse perspectives and innovative solutions. YES! Has facilitated networking opportunities, enabling me to connect with experts, activists, and organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability. Overall, YES! has played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community, amplifying my impact, and contributing to my ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. As the founder of Gen Africa Foundation, my aspiration is to create positive change in the lives of women and girls through initiatives and activities of the foundation. My goal is to continue building sustainable programs that empower and uplift communities, fostering long-term impact.

Olakunle Alao

Senior Energy Economist

EirGrid Group

South Africa

I consider YES as a truly transformative and enduring (not your typical once-offs!) program for Young Professionals in the energy sector giving them a platform to share ideas & (benefit from) opportunities and collaborate to realize clean energy access in Africa. I have been a proud grant beneficiary of the YES 2022 and 2023. YES 2022 in Belgium offered me the platform to engage with potential partners and investors for my renewable energy crowd-financing startup. YES 2023 in Kenya gave me the platform for public speaking and an opportunity to engage with young entrepreneurs who are actively seeking solutions to different energy challenges in diverse areas: from education/capacity building to agriculture and access. My career aspirations and goals are to continue to work at the forefront of the energy sector, pioneering future power markets and solving some of the most difficult challenges of the industry, including access and decarbonization.
Imo - obong 

Imo-Obong Utoh 

Business Development Trainee 
Engie Energy Access  


Attending the Youth Energy Summit (YES!) has been a transformative experience for me, shaping my perspective on energy-related issues and equipping me with valuable skills and knowledge. YES! provided a platform for engaging discussions, expert presentations, and interactive workshops that deepened my knowledge about renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and the importance of responsible consumption, youth participation, and collaboration. YES! has connected me with a diverse network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for addressing energy challenges. Through collaborative projects and networking opportunities, I have built lasting relationships with peers, mentors, and professionals in the energy sector. These connections have opened doors to valuable resources, mentorship, and potential career opportunities that I might not have encountered otherwise.


Mopati Wabobi

Director and Partner, Home & Away Consultants


YES! has greatly asserted confidence in my aspirations to continue working on the dream of becoming an Independent power producer. It brought together all the key players that are pivotal to solar project development, financing, and operation. This was particularly helpful because it had always been a far-fetched idea to meet them under one roof. Being in the development stage, I now know where to start and where to look for any form of assistance I will need. All thanks to YES! As a start-up business we are always looking for any opportunities and chances to network, learn more about solar and its companies, and get to interact with and learn as much about solar project development from experts across Africa and the world at large. YES! Continues to give my business that chance and opportunity.



Joan Bishio 

Junior Associate
Clean Technology Hub 


YES! has given me a network of industry leaders and young changemakers that has contributed to the success of my work in energy communications for the last six months. I aspire to lead a world class communications outfit dedicated to impact communication and environmental communication to bridge the gap in climate education and environmental advocacy. 
As a young career professional in the sector, my job entails that I collate information, create awareness and promote energy access campaigns to inspire change for action in policy implementation and stakeholders involvement. YES! Has given me the opportunity to forge new partnerships so as to promote clean energy solutions to Africa’s energy access problems. 

Abubakar Shuaibu

Founder and CEO, Green Energy Mission Africa


The YES! platform facilitates crucial collaborations with governments, private sectors, and communities, aiding in the implementation of inclusive policies tailored to region-specific challenges. It provides a network for advocating affordable, reliable, and accessible clean energy solutions, helping bridge energy gaps in underserved areas. Through the platform's global partnerships, I gain access to valuable connections for bringing cutting-edge renewable technologies to Africa. Additionally, it enhances my advocacy, policy influence, and cross-border collaborations, ensuring transparency in measuring impact. YES fosters mentorship and educational campaigns that inspire the next generation. My career goal is to lead transformative initiatives for sustainable energy access and an equitable transition in Africa. I aspire to bridge energy gaps in underserved areas, by establishing global partnerships and empowering local communities through capacity-building, entrepreneurship, and employment.



Boniface Okello Ojas 

Graduate, Kampala International University


YES 23 allowed me to meet in person most of the icons in the clean energy sector and potential investors. It also allowed me to learnt practical skills from energy entrepreneurs who have done much in the clean energy sector as a means of fighting the climate crisis. The crash course on how to establish a successful energy business also supercharged my skills that have been used to sharpen my energy initiative. Coming from improvised communities of the Karamoja sub-region north eastern Uganda that barely eat one meal a day, events like this are a luxury to which most of us cannot afford self-sponsorship. Through this opportunity, I was inspired to learn how we could improve the deployment of clean energy technologies in the remote areas of Karamoja, while expanding my network  with other stakeholders in the energy field.

Mulanga Ramukhuba 

Industrial Engineer 
Exxaro Resources 

South Africa 

Through attending the Youth Energy Summit, I was able to get ideas on possible research questions I can embark on and also understand the need for renewable energy in Africa. The summit also helped me understand the state of the African Energy sector and possible entrepreneurship opportunities. I am currently busy with my Masters in Energy leadership research focused on Anaerobic Digestion of municipal sewage sludge. Upon completion of my masters, I aspire to get employment in a renewable energy sector as a Business Intelligence Analyst. I have always wanted to start a business dealing in solar. From attending YES Summit I learned a lot about businesses within the energy Industry. 
the girl

Haruna Inuwa

Technology Strategy and Sustainability Consultant 


The YES conference offers a platform that brings together a diverse group of professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and educators who are all passionate about energy issues in Africa.  I believe that YES is a unique opportunity for me to enhance my skills, expand my network, and gain valuable insights from fellow African energy leaders. Furthermore, the YES conference offers valuable opportunities for professional development, including sessions on business readiness, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. As an early career professional in the energy sector, I am passionate about contributing to the growth and development of Africa's energy industry. I have a proven track record of success, including winning the "City Winner" award during the 2020 Multi-City Challenge Africa, hosted by the United Nations Development Programme and the University of New York in collaboration with African cities, for my waste-to-energy model. This model is currently being implemented in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.


Rejoice Ossei - Bremang

Researcher, Cape Coast Technical University


YES introduced me to industry players within the global energy ecosystem. I am learning so much about the problems and solutions in energy to solve practical energy problems with research-led initiatives and technologies. It also gave me the privilege to network with youth across Africa whose work cuts across the entire value chain from energy production to consumption. I have devoted significant time to long-term advocacy campaigns as part of my desire to find solutions to real-world problems, make the world a better place for all, and direct investors' attention to communities where their investments and infrastructure in clean cooking will be most effective. As a grassroots advocate, I inspire end users to switch to cleaner options, which has a significant impact on raising consumer demand for cleaner alternatives and developing a long-term market for manufacturers. As a youth in research and advocacy, my expertise aligns well with the recent theme of the Youth Energy Summit. I am excited to have the opportunity to contribute knowledge and learn from other seasoned and passionate youth working within the same ecosystem.



Soufiane Hachad

Head of Energy Demand Studies Unit at the Planning Department, National Office of Electricity and Water


Beyond networking and attending conference sessions, YES! has provided me with a platform to engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for sustainable energy. Through collaborative initiatives and discussions, I have gained valuable insights that have enriched my understanding of complex energy challenges in Africa. Moreover, participating in YES! has exposed me to diverse perspectives and innovative approaches of many talented young energy professionals and senior experts to address energy issues, sparking creativity and inspiring new ideas in my own work. This experience has enhanced my ability to contribute meaningfully to sustainable energy projects in my country, both within my current role and in future endeavours.My career goals and aspirations revolve around becoming a leading expert in sustainable energy planning and decarbonization strategies, with a focus on driving innovation and impactful change within the energy sector.I aim to contribute significantly to the development and implementation of comprehensive, long-term energy policies and strategies.Pursuing further education and certifications, I aim to deepen my expertise and actively engage with policymakers, industry stakeholders, and communities to advocate for sustainable energy solutions. Moreover, I am keen on exploring new collaboration opportunities with international organisations and mentoring the next generation of energy professionals. 


Kamilu Sani 

Engineer, Benin Electricity Distribution Company 


YES has been instrumental in my career development as an electrical engineer. Through YES!, I gained valuable hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to real-world engineering challenges. The networking opportunities provided by YES! allowed me to connect with industry professionals and fellow aspiring engineers, expanding my professional network and opening doors to exciting career opportunities. Overall, YES has been a catalyst for my growth and success in the field of electrical engineering. I aspire to lead projects that integrate cutting-edge technology, enhance energy efficiency, and address global challenges such as climate change. Additionally, I aim to continually expand my knowledge and skills through ongoing learning and professional development, ultimately making meaningful contributions to society through my work in the field of electrical engineering. 

Harun Mwadena

University of Nairobi & Collaborative Approach  Founder


Collaborating with Energynet from the United Kingdom, I contributed to the successful organization of the Youth Energy Summit alongside the Africa Energy Forum. Mobilizing 1500 participants with over 400 young people turning up during the summit and receiving recognition from the Kenyan President as a founding member of the YES! Army was a significant achievement. This engagement in the long term gave me a unique space to network virtually and strong visibility which ended up getting the best recognition by the British High Commission in Nairobi to meet with King Charles 111 and also selected as semi-finalist by Mandela Washington Fellowship which is a program under the United States Government.  I am deeply committed to forging connections with fellow changemakers, fostering dialogue, and nurturing impactful networks. This passion for collaboration has been instrumental in generating unique solutions and fostering  collaborative approaches to complex challenges. 

Chizoba Nzeakor 

CEO & Founder, Climate Technology Solutions


YES is more than an acronym; it is an emblem of growth for our youth. The Youth Energy Summit not only expanded my knowledge but also gifted me a treasure trove of new energy companions. What truly stood out was the sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. Surrounded by energy enthusiasts and like-minded individuals, the summit was a sanctuary—a space where ideas sparked, and collaborations ignited. It wasn't merely an event; it was a transformative experience that reshaped the narratives I held about the energy landscape.  The knowledge gained was not confined to the walls of the venue; it echoed in the corridors of my mind, resonating with the possibilities that lay ahead. The education imparted was not just about the technicalities of energy; it was about feeling secure in the embrace of a community driven by a shared passion. YES! Has inspired me to strive towards my career goal of becoming the Minister of Climate Change and Energy in my country.


Madalitso Chimpeni

Founder, Mpepu Energy


Through YES, I had the opportunity to meet brilliant young energy professionals like Chizoba Nzeakor and others from whom I am continuously learning, and sharing ideas and expertise. I also had the opportunity to gain continental insight into Africa's leading companies in the energy sector and emerging technologies like electric mobility. YES informed me about the job opportunities and funding available for young professionals. I am the founder and CEO of Mpepu Energy, a Malawi-based start-up pioneering wind energy in the country. With us having developed the Helix wind turbine,  we aim to deliver adequate electricity to households through wind energy. I aspire to become a leading energy professional and entrepreneur with the capacity to contribute to energy policymaking, improve access to energy in deserving communities, and drive innovation in clean energy technology across developing countries.

Nkeshimana Cedrick updates 

Nkeshimana Cedrick

Project Coordinator At Project Vita, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane


YES! provided me with a unique platform to connect with people in the energy sector. Through these connections, I learned about how students and early career professionals from other countries tackle the challenges of entering the energy field. I also gained insight into the innovative solutions young entrepreneurs are bringing to the sector. These experiences motivated me to adopt similar strategies to initiatives I'm working on in my country. Additionally, the industry experts and companies I've met have generously shared tips for thriving in the sector and recommended various opportunities and resources available, enriching my understanding and expanding my network. The Beyond Privilege platform provided me with connections with industry experts and companies in the energy sector.

Malik Bargach 

Cooperation & International Development, MASEN



Beyond networking and attending conference sessions, participating in the Youth Energy Summit (YES!) has provided me with invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through engaging panel discussions and workshops, YES! has enhanced my understanding of global energy challenges and innovative solutions. Moreover, collaborating with other YES members has fostered a sense of community and shared purpose, enabling me to exchange ideas, gain diverse perspectives, and forge meaningful connections. This experience has not only expanded my knowledge but also inspired me to take proactive steps in advocating for sustainable energy initiatives and driving positive change in my field. My career goals are to continuously enhance my expertise in cooperation and international development, particularly in fostering partnerships between Morocco and other nations. I seek to leverage my skills and experience to play a significant role in advancing global cooperation and achieving positive outcomes for communities around the world
alt text 

Lucy Mutuku

CEO, National Youth Caucus Kenya  


YES has helped me connect with like-minded youth across the country and advance the development agenda. YES! has given me and other youth full sponsorships to attend the Powering Africa Summit in Washington, DC, another great and exciting opportunity for future collaborations.I plan to increase the quality and quantity of jobs for the youth across Africa through advocacy. With 213 jobs currently, we aim to create one million jobs for young people by 2045. I am very grateful for the overwhelming guidance and support YES has given and continues to give.

Imo - obong 

Ezrawit Dinku

Electrical Engineer,  Ethiopian Electric Utility


I am a highly motivated Electrical Engineer in Ethiopia. I have had the privilege to participate in various different tasks and projects. YES will help me connect with other companies within the energy sector. I believe the education and knowledge I will learn from other professionals in the field will be invaluable. 



Atiku Jafar 

Partner, Legal/Energy Practice


YES has changed my perspective of the future of our continent and the industry. I am deeply inspired. My goals are to gain specialized expertise in energy law practice; to leverage my expertise in driving legal frameworks that expand energy access; and to empower young people through specialized skills development and access to equitable opportunities within Africa's energy sector. 


Comfort Awuah

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology


Attending the conference was a game-changer! I gained insights on effective team management and communication. Networking with seasoned leaders provided me with mentorship opportunities and fresh perspectives towards my career goal. The workshops on decision-making and problem-solving sharpened my entrepreneurial skills and Implementing the strategies learned has improved my ability to motivate and inspire my community back here in Ghana. My career Goal is to become a top Serial Entrepreneur and build Empires here in Ghana which will support and promote our social, and economic development.
alt text 

Mnqobi Ncube

Student ,International University of Applied Sciences  


YES has given me the confidence to charge forward my career into the energy and transition industry. It has given me connections, opportunities and promising business ideas. I have gained some successful exposure and network from organisations within the industry, thanks to YES. My career ambition is to become a practising Energy Manager or consultant. Specifically in the vibrant AEE community and active national energy policies. That will allow me to contribute to research in energy efficiency, carbon capture and renewables. With the YES platform, I hope to attend more forums and interactions with both youths and experienced professionals.

Imo - obong 

Zephyrin Ngarukiyintwari

Founder and CEO,   Centre for Green Development


My experience at YES was life-changing in my entrepreneurial journey through well-informed speakers and a network of young business minds. From that  I have committed myself to having the “seed mentality”, that I need to grow into a tree, which will make a forest, which will be a source of habitat, energy, food, better climate, and serenity: In short, a long-term sustainable impact that brings solutions to problems that face Africa: An “Impact Mentality”. As the CEO of the Centre for Green Development, I want to excel in ensuring access to clean and affordable energy for all Burundians with hard work, perseverance and dedication.



Nnenna Ebem 

Director Admin, Youthspire enterprise


YES has helped me develop and build my leadership management. I have developed many current projects in Namibia including YES Namibia Summit. As the founder, across Namibia, we aim to empower and bring youth together to take up roles in the energy sector. I am a climate advocate and energy renewable advocate. My aim is to help youth take action in climate change and help to minimise carbon emissions. We hope to continue our goal of bringing youth into important energy discussions and shortening the gender gap in the energy sector. We are driven to expand the job market within the energy sector in Africa, especially in renewable energy.
alt text 

Tamuda Dyirakumunda 

Student, University of Zimbabwe  


YES! was my first international conference, and I was happy it threw me into the deep end of the Renewables space. Attending YES! It has made me realise how vast the industry is and how many different angles there are to enter from. It really opened my eyes. Overall, I'm more than happy about the friendships, experiences and knowledge I gained, and hope to build on it further. I am exploring interests in the Renewable Energy space from both a technical perspective (as I studied engineering), but also more holistically, i.e. understanding the entire value chain, how it's financed, what policies the government can employ to encourage participation from IPPs, attract FDI, and boost the industry in general. I'm still figuring it out but I'm very excited.

alt text 

Enkono Johannes

Founder ,Johannes Technology Solutions


YES, invaluable insights have accelerated my startup growth. YES has aided me in developing innovation in the Namibia energy sector and Africa at large. YES has opened my eyes to the youth and their fundamental role within the energy sector. I learnt so much about the future of Namibia's energies in the context of sustainable clean energy and Green hydrogen. My career goal is to lead transformative initiatives for sustainable energy access that will put women and youth at the forefront of energy transition across Africa.