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Green Energy Mission Africa

Associate Partner

Green Energy Mission Africa (GEM Africa) is a dynamic and dedicated non-profit organization with a clear vision to foster sustainable development, advocate for renewable energy, and combat the adverse effects of climate change across the African continent.

GEM Africa was established to promote awareness, facilitate action, and implement transformative projects through effective collaboration and synergy with relevant authorities, agencies, ministries, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The current project we are working is the Youth Volt Africa project which is a collaborative effort between Green Energy Mission Africa (GEM Africa) and Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth (SSforGG) aims at empowering young Nigerians to play a leading role in driving the energy transition and promoting energy access in Nigeria.

The project has several key objectives, including fostering youth inclusion in decision-making processes, raising awareness about sustainable energy practices, supporting young entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector, facilitating peer learning and collaboration, and advocating for youth perspectives to be incorporated into energy policies and regulations.

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"Young people are the driving force behind innovation and change. Their passion, creativity, and commitment to a greener future make them invaluable to the mission of Green Energy Mission Africa. By empowering young Nigerians, we can ensure a sustainable and inclusive energy transition."
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