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Husk Power Systems


Husk Power Systems (“Husk”) is one of the leading providers of rural clean energy services in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. We provide low-cost and reliable power to rural businesses and households, entirely from renewable energy sources. Powering economic prosperity in rural communities is at the heart of everything we do.

We design, build, and operate the lowest-cost hybrid minigrids (power plants and distribution networks), using a mix of solar, waste biomass gasification, and battery storage. To date, Husk has benefited 50,000 people in Nigeria with its 12 minigrids and expect to benefit more than 2 million when it achieves its target of 500 minigrids.

Apart from power, we offer a range of additional clean energy services, including appliance and electronics sales, rooftop solar installation for rural C&I customers, agro-processing hubs, EV leasing, clean drinking water, and much more. We serve households, businesses, farmers, health clinics, schools, women, and youth entrepreneurs, entirely from renewable energy – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Husk Internship Program presents an exciting opportunity for young talent interested in the clean energy sector. Our program offers hands-on experience across various domains, access to cutting-edge projects, mentorship from experienced professionals, and a chance to contribute to transforming rural communities.

Our commitment is to nurture the next generation of clean energy leaders by providing comprehensive operational and management training, believing in the power of every individual to achieve their full potential. Husk creates a platform to explore career opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Our internship scheme comprises of three categories: Undergraduate (SIWES), NYSC, and Graduate program. We welcome students from various academic backgrounds, with a strong passion for clean energy and rural development. Our program runs year-round, ensuring flexibility in internship opportunities and ample room for growth.

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Engineering, Projects and Installations, Marketing, Business/Operations, HR, Finance, Procurement

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