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YES Day 10 November


Session: Career Paths

10 Nov 2023
Nairobi: Transcentury Auditorium, Strathmore University
• What advice can industry practitioners share on how your skills can translate into a variety of roles in the project development, legal, finance, engineering and technology sectors?
• What are the practical qualifications needed as well as the transferable skill sets that can help you find paths into energy you may not have realized existed?
• How are different career roadmaps and industry priorities shifting and what new opportunities is this creating for graduates?
Aatifah Latief, Professional Officer Communications, Education & Training - City of Cape Town
Thuso Kuali, Manager Energy and Infrastructure - Standard Bank of South Africa
Jonathan Berman, MD - Autonomi Capital
Beatrice Nyabira, Projects, Energy & Restructuring, - IKM Advocates
Wendy Green, Country Manager - Daystar, South Africa
Timothy Gachucha, Strategic Partnerships Lead - Power Learn Project


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