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YES Youth Energy Day Agenda


The YES! Youthpreneurs Energy Showdown!

21 Jun 2023
YES! Theatre 2
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Session hosted by: Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet:

  • An exciting opportunity for young entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector to showcase their innovative ideas and projects to angel investors
  • Emphasizing the importance of affordable and clean energy as well as climate action for sustainable development 
  • Aligning with SDG 7 and addressing urgent action needed to combat climate change, as outlined in SDG 13 
  • Providing valuable feedback and guidance from the experienced angel investors
  • Fostering mentorship relationships to enhance the impact and scalability of project


Moderator: Joseph Nganga, Vice President for Africa, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP)


  • Marina Panekeet, Programme Manager, IKEA Foundation
  • Andrew Amadi, CEO, Kenya Renewable Energy Association
  • Nicole Issepi, Director of Energy Innovation, Bezos Earth Fund
  • Louise Mathu, Energy, Policy and Regulatory Lead, Gennis Consulting



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