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YES Youth Energy Day Agenda


Unleashing the Power of Youth-led Change in Clean Cooking

22 Jun 2023
YES! Theatre 2
Meet the YES Partners

Session Hosted by Clean Cooking Alliance & Student Energy

  • Clean cooking is a youth issue; and a cross-cutting solution to today’s climate and development challenges!
  • How the lack of access to clean cooking impacts the planet, people, and youth in particular?
  • What are youth doing to tackle clean cooking challenges? What support do they need to scale their impact?
  • What is CCA doing to foster meaningful and equitable youth engagement in clean cooking?


Moderator: Prudence Lihabi, Deputy Director, Programmes (Clean and Renewable Energy) at Office of the First Lady and Founder of Youth in Sustainable Energy, Republic of Kenya


  • Michelle Njoroge, Market Strengthening Associate, Clean Cooking Alliance, Republic of Kenya
  • Norah Magero, Founder & CEO, Drop Access, Republic of Kenya
  • Elisha Caleb, Founder & CEO, AgroTech Plus, Republic of Kenya
  • Calvin Shikuku, Co-Founder & CEO Motobrix Limited, Republic of Kenya
  • Marina Fenka, Capacity Building Group, SDG 7 Youth Constituency, Republic of Kenya



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