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YES Youth Energy Day Agenda


The Imperative Of Energy - Visionaries Discuss Why Africa’s Youth Have Everything Ahead of Them

21 Jun 2023
YES! Theatre 1
  • Connecting tomorrows world with today’s world.
  • Why should the youth be excited about opportunities coming their way!


Moderator: Paul Hinks, Founder & CEO, Symbion Power Group, USA


  • William Kamkwamba, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of the Moving Windmills Project
  • Charlene Ruto, Youth Champion and Climate Change Action Champion, Republic of Kenya
  • David Muthike, General Manager, Strategy & Innovation, KenGen, Republic of Kenya
  • Gathoni Kimani, Senior Associate, Market Strengthening Operations and Compliance, Clean Cooking Alliance, Republic of Kenya
  • Khilna Dodhia, CEO & Co-Founder, Kenergy Renewables, Republic of Kenya
  • Raul Alfaro-Pelico, Senior Director, RMI Global South Programme, RMI
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