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YES Youth Energy Day Agenda


Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Energy Future

21 Jun 2023
YES! Theatre 2
Meet the YES Partners

Session Hosted by: Kenya Private Sector Alliance Partner (KEPSA)

  • Skills and mentorship
  • General youth perspectives on energy, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Legal hurdles for youth entering the energy and extractives business in Kenya
  • Challenges and opportunities for the youth in the E-mobility space.
  • Renewable Energy and the role of youth in ensuring its sustainability.


Moderator: Peter Thairu, Lead in Energy and Extractives, KEPSA, Republic of Kenya


  • Llyord Mwaniki, Chief Operating Officer, Zuhura Solutions, Republic of Kenya
  • Nancy Muriithi, Green Growth and Climate Officer, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Republic of Kenya
  • Louise Mathu, Energy Policy & Regulatory Lead, Gennis Consulting, Republic of Kenya
  • Warren Ondanje, Managing Director, Africa E-Mobility Alliance, Republic of Kenya
  • Ebenezer Amadi, Programme Manager, Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya, Republic of Kenya



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