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YES Youth Energy Day Agenda


Meet the Hustlers: Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur

21 Jun 2023
YES! Theatre 1
  • What does it take to succeed and why being an entrepreneur is more than just having good ideas?
  • Turning your epiphany in to tangible actions.
  • Communicating the story of you and your business - developing a brand that reflects your mission.


Moderator: Olakunle Alao, Research Consultant, Power Futures Lab, University of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa


  • Habiba Ali, MD & CEO, Sosai Renewable Energies, Republic of Nigeria
  • Atiku Jafar, Member, International Board, African Law Students' Association; Head, Energy Practice, Transadvisory Legal, Republic of Nigeria
  • Tracy Kimathi, Founder, Baridi, Republic of Kenya
  • Faith Aweko, Founder, Reform Africa, Republic of Uganda
  • Damilola Hamid Balogun, Founder & CEO, Youth Sustainable Development Network, Republic of Nigeria
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