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YES Youth Energy Day Agenda


Power of Togetherness – The Importance of Public & Private Sector Developing & Working Together

22 Jun 2023
YES! Theatre 1
Early Career Professionals
  • It is crucial the public and private sector work and develop together from an early
    stage to ensure project success and enhance career success 
  • Lessons learnt from past generations


Moderator: Daniel Tate, Rhodes Scholar & Master’s Student in International Relations, University of Oxford, United Kingdom


  • Erik Granskog, Founder & CEO, Milele Energy
  • Zeddy Bariti, Public Relations Communications Specialist Public Relations, Republic of Kenya Communications Specialist Ministry of East African Community, the ASALs & Regional Development - Kenya The Power Dialogue, Republic of Kenya
  • Noella Molefe, Chief Advisor – Climate Change, Policy & Strategy, Eskom, Republic of South Africa
  • George Njenga, CEO, East Africa Infrastructure Platform, Republic of Kenya
  • Lisa Witte, Acting Deputy Coordinator, Power Africa, Republic of South Africa
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