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YES Youth Energy Day Agenda


aef 2023: Ministerial Roundtable: The Energy Transition - How Far Can Africa Really Go?

20 Jun 2023

Chairperson: Kweku Awotwi, Board Chairman, United Bank for Africa (Ghana) & Co-Founder & Director Cenpower Generation Company, Republic of Ghana

Scene Setting Presentation based on the Renewable Energy Market Analysis – Africa and its Regions Report: Daniel Schroth, Director, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency, AfDB

Participating Ministers: 

  • H.E. Honourable Davis Chirchir, Cabinet Secretary for Energy & Petroleum, Republic of Kenya 
  • H.E. Honourable Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change & COP28 President Designate, United Arab Emirates
  • H.E. Honourable Dr. Nobuhle Nkabane, Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources & Energy, Republic of South Africa 
  • H.E. Honourable Dr. Eng Habtamu Iteffa Geleta, Minister of Water & Energy, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  • H.E. Honourable Dr. Oluwatoyin Akinlade, Acting Minister of Mines & Steel Development, Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • H.E. Honourable Bruno Kapandji, Président’s Chargé de Mission, Agency for the Development & Promotion of the Grand Inga Project (ADPI-RDC), Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • H.E. Honourable Oswald Séverin Mayounou, Minister of Energy & Hydraulic Resources, Gabonese Republic 
  • H.E. Honourable Dr. Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, Minister of Energy & Mineral Development, Republic of Uganda 
  • H.E. Honourable Hadja Safiatou Diallo, Minister of Environment & Sustainable Development, Republic of Guinea
  • H.E. Honourable Ibrahim Matola, Minister of Energy, Republic of Malawi
  • H.E. Honourable Mawunyo Mila Ami Aziablé, Minister of Mines & Energy, Togolese Republic 
  • H.E. Honourable Gervacio Engonga Mba, Minister of Power & Renewable Energy, Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • H.E. Honourable Herbert Krapa, Deputy Minister of Energy, Republic of Ghana
  • H.E. Honourable Antonio Oburu Ondo, Minister of Mines & Hydrocarbons, Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • H.E. Honourable Yonis Ali Guedi, Minister of Energy & Natural Resources, Republic of Djibouti 
  • H.E. Honourable Abdoulie Jobe, Minister of Petroleum & Energy, Republic of The Gambia 
  • H.E. Honourable Adelino Cardoso, Minister of Infrastructure, Natural Resources & Environment, Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
  • H.E. Honourable Aly Iboura, Minister of Energy, Water & Hydrocarbons, Union of Comoros
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